Express Yourself

What do you do around here to socialize, unwind? Family time predominates during the off-work hours in our agricultural town. That means if your kids are involved in extra-curricular activities, like sports, band or speech, or you simply enjoy supporting the home teams, that’s where you’ll find hundreds of people socializing during the evening or weekends. Don’t feel like cooking? There are several restaurants to choose from, whether you like Mexican or Chinese food, fast food or fine dining, family-style or cafe-style –– it’s all right here. If theater is what you enjoy, whether watching or participating, the hub for performing arts is the Pipestone Performing Arts Center. Enjoy the myriad Festivals that galvanize the spring and summer seasons, from the premier Watertower Festival in June through the end-of-summer Pipestone County Fair, and beyond. Ghost Tours titillate residents and visitors alike, and a myriad of clubs, classes and special interests generate from Meinders Community Library and the Pipestone County Museum. If you’ve got the unwind-time, we’ve got ways for you to spend it.